• Christmas Tours

Christmas Tours

Join us for a Christmas-themed distillery tour and tasting!

Ellers Farm Distillery is a sustainable spirits manufacturer based in Stamford Bridge, York. We make our vodka from scratch using British apples. Our expert distillers taste each batch every 20 minutes so only the best liquid makes it into our bottles.

We think about quality and sustainability in every decision we make. As a Pending B Corp®, we’re legally obliged to consider our choices' impact on society and the environment.

The tour will involve an in-depth explanation of our distillation process, a tutored tasting of our product range, a unique Christmas cocktail, and a £5 in-store voucher!

Regular price £20
Sustainable to our core
Passionate about sustainability. Lovingly produced by Ellers Farm distillery, which has been certified as carbon neutral since day one of production. Proud to be a Climate Partner and B-Corp Pending.