About our Whisky

Having disappeared for over a century, English whisky is embarking on a renaissance.

At Ellers Farm, we’ve always used our passion for innovation to make good spirits differently, with good people that do good by nature. This passion led us here – on a journey to creating a carbon neutral English whisky born from the beauty of the Yorkshire countryside around us.

Our flavour philosophy at Ellers Farm is what grounds us at every stage of the distilling process. We believe if we combine the best ingredients, the best equipment, deep knowledge, passion and patience, delicately guiding flavours at every step, we’ll produce a whisky worth waiting for.

Every malt whisky begins with a rudimentary beer brewed without hops, something the whisky industry calls a ‘wash’. You wouldn’t want to drink it! Staying true to our philosophy, we partnered with Theakston Brewery to create ours – a wash so packed with flavour, it’s a beer in its own right. We call it our Distiller’s Beer. Legendary among these parts, with nearly 200 years of brewing heritage behind it, we couldn’t think of a better partner than Theakston to collaborate with on creating our Distiller’s Beer.

We know perfection takes time. It’ll need three years, in fact, until we can even legally call it a whisky. Until then, our ‘new make’ spirit will age gracefully in first-fill bourbon barrels from Kentucky in the United States. Before our whisky comes of age, we’re calling our spirit ‘The Bairn’ – Northern English for ‘child’ – and with our Evolution Collection, we’ll be taking you on the journey with us.