Antonia Doncila joins as Sustainability Manager at Ellers Farm Distillery

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Antonia Doncila, our brand new Sustainability Manager here at Ellers Farm Distillery.


Join us in extending a warm welcome to Antonia Doncila, our brand new Sustainability Manager here at Ellers Farm Distillery.

With our commitment to being carbon neutral from day one and a certified B Corp®️, we asked Antonia some questions about her new role at Ellers Farm.

🌿 Tell us a little bit about you? 🌿

I completed a PhD in Chemical Oceanography at the University of Edinburgh exploring the nutrient cycling in the Arctic Ocean, in the context of climate change. From 2021 I worked as a Sustainability Specialist in the chemical industry, utilising techniques such as Life Cycle Assessment to measure the environmental and social impacts of operations, products and services. In my free time I am a keen amateur photographer (wildlife mainly; peak of my career was when I won the Royal Society Photography Competition for the Behaviour Category with my polar bear photo titled ‘Respiro’), I love reading (proud member of the York book club), diving and generally spending time in nature.

🌿 What excites you the most about joining Ellers Farm Distillery? 🌿

What truly excites me about Ellers Farm Distillery is the chance to be at the forefront of shaping a growing business.

I see an incredible opportunity to establish the right processes and knowledge base, positioning the company as a leader in the circular economy, challenging the status quo and debunking the myth that profit must come at the expense of the environment.

What adds another layer of excitement is the prospect of educating consumers. I believe in presenting sustainable choices that don't require drastic lifestyle changes; demonstrating that sustainability should be seamlessly integrated into our lives, not an unattainable ideal.

Ellers Farm Distillery provides that unique platform where I can contribute to both business growth and positive societal impact. I'm ready to take on the challenge and be a part of this transformative journey.

🌿 What does it mean to be a Sustainability Manager? 🌿

Being a sustainability manager is both a remarkable opportunity to drive positive societal change and a significant responsibility given there’s little room for mistakes. The goal is to craft solutions that not only address sustainability challenges but also enhance business resilience in the face of global issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.

This multifaceted role demands not only passion and enthusiasm but also a sharp focus on data analysis. Sustainability is quantifiable and inherently data-driven. Navigating this complex subject requires the ability to distil intricate information into clear, strategic messages. The challenge lies in ensuring buy-in and engagement from diverse stakeholder groups, each with unique perspectives and priorities. It's about striking a delicate balance between passion and precision, transforming sustainability from an abstract concept into tangible, actionable strategies.